Just returned from a trip to Cancun Mexico. My twin brother had a fantastic wedding on the beach at the Royalton Cancun. I cant say enough about this place. The resort is an "ALL INCLUSIVE" 9 restaurants, 13 bars, plenty of entertainment. The food was amazing, room service included, even the booze on the beach and in your room are included. We ventured out to an excursion called "XPLOR" simply amazing. Zip Lines, off road cars, rafting, cenotes, and swimming in underground caverns. Lunch included. I was thinking Tacos, wow was I surprised. A huge buffet was included. If you haven't lately, GO ON VACATION!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!   I believe I will go on 3 or 4 this year. 

Christmas shows

Christmas shows are in full swing right now. 3 shows yesterday, 3 today and 3 tomorrow. People ask me "How did you get into Magic"  Just by luck I guess. I encourage everyone I meet. Find a passion and jump into it. Even if you think it's to hard, it will get easier, You will find that you have attained something that will give you great joy for the rest of your life, and possibly bring joy to others as well. 

The Christmas parties

It starts tonight, I will be performing at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club tonight in Newport Beach. The parties are stacking up this Holiday season and thats just the way I like it. Company Christmas parties, House Parties, and even a nice New Years eve event. I am truly blessed to be able to share my passion with the public. Making a living at it is a dream come true. Thanks everyone for always supporting me. It is a shame I have not mastered being in 2 places at once as I know I will be working during some family and friend events. I hope to see all of you soon. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends. This year has been an amazing on for myself and my family. I am truly blessed to have 2 fantastic children who are both doing great things in life. I am also truly thankful to have been married to the woman of my dreams for 28 years. I love her so much. This year was filled with excitement including lots of travel, The opening of my daughter and son in laws new businesses, and lots of magic shows. My son Danny has set his goals on starting his own business in January. I will do all I can you help him get it up and running too. Lets all make this next  year the best ever. Remember to take the moments to tell those around you how much they mean to you. Thanks everyone for all of the love and support. Dan

The country club

Last night while many of you were watching the UFC fight, I was entertaining at a very prestigious country club in Indian Wells, Ca. This was a welcome home to all of the snowbirds that leave town during the hot summer in the desert. This was an exceptional party with great music, food, and a huge fireworks display. I have entertained there many times and absolutely love this place. The people there are always really friendly and gracious. I also enjoy talking to these folks about there business success, hoping it will rub off on me. Gave out plenty of business cards and believe I will be at several of their homes during the holidays. Good vibes. I encourage all of you in the entertainment field to never run through your show. Each performance should be your most epic performance

Charity golf for a great cause

As most of you know one of my biggest passions is golf, I enjoyed performing and playing in a celebrity golf tournament yesterday to benefit "wounded warriors". This is a favorite charity of mine as I believe we ask a lot of the men and woman in our armed services. When they are severely injured we must do everything we can as Americans to help them recover and live a functional life. Yesterdays tournament had several celebrities and athletes. I met Oscar De La Hoya, and performed some magic for him. He was completely blown away. In fact we are making plans now for a magic castle trip together. He's a good guy and a hell of a golfer too.  Please help a vet when you have the opportunity. It's the least we can do.

Magic Castle

My wife Becky and I went to the Magic Castle last night just to enjoy shows and see friends. It was nice just to hang out. We saw many friends and a few shows. The highlight of the evening was the close up gallery show of Danny Ray, This is a great show I would highly recommend. Lots of mind blowing magic, and a charming personality. I hope you have a chance to see Danny Ray, if you have not, Im sure he will be back in the future.